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Represents the state of the art in carbon laminate construction, merging two of the best manufacturing techniques: filament winding and Pre-preg.
These are the steps of the construction process:

Conventional unidirectional aerospace pre-preg fibers are winded by an automatized table rolling machine.

Biaxial aerospace pre-preg fibers are winded at 45° using a pre-preg filament machine.

Finally, a last WIND-PREG layer is cross winded to give the best strength to the product.

Before polymerizing, we apply a special thermo-reactive film which compresses the lamination a 40% more than any other product on the market.

Everything is then polymerized in a special autoclave which takes out all the scraps and gives a perfect surface finishing to the final product.

Thanks to this technology, products don’t need any finishing materials, such as textiles, paint, coatings or varnish.
The process also includes the exclusive nano-core winding with its special winding design.


Substantial weight reduction on all products.

40% increase in strength, that make WIND-PREG products a choice for a lifetime.

Substantial performance improvement given by the total of the performances of each technologies

A unique look at any carbon products


While Windpreg is a woven material with 45° crossfibers orientation, the Xpreg has a lower amount of 45° fibers but it features a 90° full yarn. Thus, Xpreg is less expensive than Windpreg. And that’s why the Xpreg technology is used for a bigger range of products, considering that its weight and strength are really similar to those of Wind-preg.